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Film Music Workshop is an exclusive offer for an innovative, complete and unique educational format for film music and audiovisual forms. The film scoring workshop is aimed at those musicians, who have no experience in creating film music, or who have never had professional contact with this discipline, where they can follow and understand all phases of preparation and realization of the soundtrack - from concept to pre-production and recording their own compositions with a real Symphony orchestra


Participants will have the opportunity to work on their own compositions with the support of an experienced mentor, who will assist in the realization from  initial notes, through  programming with a sequencer, making the scores and finally working with the orchestra while conducting their own works. 

Each participant will be provided a monitor, keyboard, sequencer programs and everything related to the creation of music. The  organization also includes logistics and hotel accommodation for the  participants.




The Film Music Workshop is open to Musicians - instrumentalists and composers of different styles - from classical to pop music who wish to explore the possibilities for composing film music or other multimedia with a real symphony orchestra.

Every participant needs to bring his/her own laptop with Logic Audio and Sibelius installed 


Maestro Maurizio Abeni


10 days

Free seats:

 Up to 8 Person 


The Film Scoring Workshop will be held in Sofia (Bulgaria) 

The recording will take place at the hall of Bulgarian National Radio, Sofia. The control room is equipped with SSL Duality Mixer and Pro Tools HD recording system  


The music will be performed by The Orchestra of Bulgarian National Radio

Age limit:

over 18 years

Price for the workshop

€ 3300.00




Deposit of 500 € (euros) needed to secure your place  in the workshop for film music. The remainder of the coure fees( 2,800.00 euros)

The film scoring workshop will be conducted in English


Maestro Maurizio Abeni  is also available for individual explanations in Italian and Swedish


·     Hotel accommodation for the duration of the course (11 nights)

·      Airport transfer

·      Single room for each participant, (breakfast included)

·      Individual workplace with additional  24'' Monitor

·      MID Keyboard  4 octaves

·      Professional AKG headphones

·      Laser Printers are available

·      Pro Tools operator

·      The entire work program is led by  Maurizio Abeni

·      Recording of audio for a maximum of 5 cues, the total duration will not exceed 8 minutes

·      Printouts of all scores and parts for orchestra

·      The Symphony Orchestra of Bulgarian National Radio (SOBNR) will play your music



·      Participants will be able to conduct their own compositions, performed by the orchestra of SOBNR

·      The recordings will be made in the hall of SOBNR in Sofia

·      The music will be recorded by sound engineer  Marco Streccioni

·      The recordings will be made in movie format and 5.1 stereo

·      Each participant will be able to monitor the records of all other participants in the recording studio or hall.

·      At the end of the course all  movies with recorded music in 5.1 audio format will be watched

·      Participants will retain 100% of the copyright of their own music

·      Participants will be offered a video with their participation as conductor of the orchestra

·      Participants will receive a video of the film with their original music composed 

* The video will be exclusively for personal use and its  publishment  is prohibited


  • Airplane tickets
  • Medical insurance
  • Visa applications, if required
  • Lunch and dinner for the entire stay

* Upon request, we can help you with the air ticket arrangements